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Architectural bureau as it should be

The bureau was founded by Alexander Kupinskiy in 2005. Over the years, many notable projects have been implemented. A professional approach combined with relentless optimism helped us withstand the blows of several global and local crises.  Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia in February 2022, we have not given up, optimized processes and costs as much as possible, preserved the team and are working for the victory of Ukraine.  We have vast experience in architectural and design projects, engineering, construction management and implement projects from A to Z. Thus, you can be sure that as a result of our cooperation, you will receive a stunning result on time within the framework of a controlled and agreed budget.

Do you only make a project or can you implement everything on a turnkey basis?

We can join the project at any of the stages, but the best and most effective is the complete management of the project, from the concept and the first sketches to construction and launch.

How much does it cost?

Each project is unique and everything depends on the client's request. Quality cannot be cheap, but we know how to make expressive and functional architecture within agreed budgets.

How long does it take?

Everything is individual, design project can take 2 weeks or more than six months, and construction directly depends on the speed of investment.Our many years of experience and cooperation with reliable contractors allow us to optimize processes as much as possible and obtain the best possible result.

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Our mission is to realize creative potential through a favorite business and create real dream homes together with our clients.


The creation of any project begins with an idea. Our concepts are always based on experience and professionalism.


Creation of a detailed model of the future object taking into account all aspects, from aesthetics and comfort to engineering and economic feasibility.


Management of processes and coordination of actions of all contractors for the best holistic realization of the object.


A deep understanding of the customer's existing assets and the ability to multiply their economic efficiency.


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