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Unit Coffee Place

Kyiv, Ukraine

Our projects are not always large, but each of them has something in common - ambition!

We have always been inspired by bold challenges, and this project is one of those. Minimum area, maximum effectiveness, short deadlines and a limited budget, crystal functionality and aesthetics of the art object...

We took everything into account and probably did a great job! We designed a unique coffee shop on the territory of the country's main innovation park — in Kyiv. At the heart of the main spherical element is a quick-mount frame made of yacht resin. The cafe was located on the square near the B8 campus and from the very first days became a favorite meeting place for residents and guests of the rapidly growing innovation park.

Just imagine, the total building area was as much as 14 square meters, while the floor area of the coffee shop itself is a little more than 4 square meters! Probably, this unique project is one of our favorites, a sure record holder in terms of size and art impact on the business environment.

Square: 16 м²
Year: 2018
Team: Kupinskiy O., Dydych V.