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House on the peninsula

Kyiv, Ukraine

We designed this cozy house for a young couple with a child. Preserving all the advantages of the site became the main task: it was important not only to preserve the maximum number of trees, but also to maximize the view of the river.

We solved this challenge perfectly! During the design process, in order to preserve the roots, the foundation plan was changed several times and as a result, after the construction work, all the trees survived and we achieved the best result: only one old birch tree was cut, and in some places the distance between the facade and the trees reaches only 60 cm.

Thanks to well-considered planning decisions, it was possible to maximize views of the river, which can now be admired from almost every room!

Each house is an individuality, but at the same time it should be organically integrated into the surrounding environment. To decorate the facades, we used natural sandstone in combination with decorative plaster inserts. This made it possible to achieve maximum harmony with the neighboring buildings and the forest.In general, there are 2 volumes on the plot: a residential building with a view terrace and an outbuilding with a guest block and utility rooms.

Square: 360 м²
Year: 2019-2021
Team: Kupinskiy O., Lopatyuk E., Tarasyuk M.