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Villa Pedralbes

Barcelona, Spain

This home is one of our signature commercial remodeling projects. The old building on the slopes of Barcelona had an unpresentable appearance, gloomy facades and a tired interior, but at the same time, the site offered incredible views of the city.

In the process of renovation, we developed a landscaping plan, integrated the pool with a modern overflow system, so that the crystal mirror of water smoothly passed into the plane of a lush green lawn.

In addition to the application of current ecological and engineering solutions, facades and finishing materials were sonicated.

The architectural image of the building received a modern interpretation thanks to the construction of new open terraces and volumes, which created new vantage points and opened up the space.

As a result, a complete transformation of the real estate object and excitement among potential buyers. In the final sale, 2 Barcelona football players competed for the right to own the estate, and one of the most successful football coaches of the 21st century, Giuseppe Guardiola, became the owner.

Square: 800 м²
Year: 2018-2020
Team: Kupinskiy O., Lopatyuk E., Sedova E.