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Black Penthouse

Kyiv, Ukraine

Our clients always get quality results and satisfaction from the design process. In the end, most of them become our friends and are happy to contact us again. This is what happened in this project.

We first collaborated on the reconstruction of this penthouse in 2000. 17 years have passed and the owner decided to update the functional layout and interior style. The main criteria were cost minimization and maximum wow effect. In this way, a full-fledged residential apartment with a guest room turned into a studio of a sybarite.

A sofa area with professional sound and media center, an individual author's fireplace and a communication area are the basis of the first level of these apartments. The basis of the concept was the idea of an 8-meter wall made of natural wild stone. Due to the high cost and excessive loads on the floor, we were forced to abandon stone, but we still found a solution: decorative plaster and highly qualified craftsmen successfully realized our idea with a powerful sculptural bas-relief.

The boxing ring and the pear remained from the original planning, we only updated the chairs, furniture and lighting. Most of the interior items are made individually for the customer according to our own sketches.The second level is a sleeping and rest area. We separated this space from the studio with a metal grate and a transparent dressing room with a shower.

The final result exceeded all expectations - restrained and bold, minimalist and courageous, functional and inspiring, a real masculine penthouse.

Square: 140 м²
Year: 2017
Team: Kupinskiy O, Sedova E.