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Hutir Residence

Kyiv, Ukraine

The history of this house began with a plot on the shore of a picturesque lake. The main task of the young couple of owners was to maximize the disclosure of the landscape and the connection with nature, but at the same time it was necessary to ensure coziness and close the side perimeter from neighbors and surrounding buildings.

The shape of the land plot and a deep understanding of the customer's request inspired the creation of an active architectural image. Clean geometric shapes, restrained minimalism and perfect ergonomics are the key ingredients of this project.

For the lightness and openness of the space, we used modern motorized glazing systems from Skyframe. Floor-to-ceiling windows, 4.5 meters high, with a minimal profile, made it possible to create absolute unity with the surrounding nature. To protect against the setting sun on the terrace, we designed vertical slats-transformers. Facades are decorated with combinations of corten and wet plaster. To bring the "big water" of the lake closer, we integrated 2 mini pools into the house, this created a mirror of water and filled the space even more with light dynamics.

We supplemented the summer terrace with an area for relaxation and sincere communication with friends. An open fire, embedded in the relief, created a real place of unity, and a round hole in the ceiling is both a functional and an aesthetic element.

Square: 450 м²
Year: 2021
Team: Kupinskiy O., Tarasyuk M., Babiy D.